February Project: 1 movie a day!

Every start of the year I get excited when I see people talking about their "365 project", and I always think the same thing: "that's not for me, I could never do something every day for the whole year". Well, instead of a 365 project, I decided to come up with a few different ideas and work on a different project every month, not necessarily for all the 12 months, because I've already skipped January, my bad!

So for February, I decided to push myself on watching 1 different movie every day, going at the movie theater or just staying home. After realizing that last year I didn't watch as many movies as I used to before, I wanted to prove myself that it was possible to stop everything that I was doing for 90 minutes, sit down and watch a film.

Out of the 29 films I've watched last month, only one was a repetition for me. Can you guess which? Here's the full list, in the same order that I watched: