A few words with Scotch the Filmmaker

I've recently photographed Chicago based indie-rock band Scotch the Filmmaker on their show in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall, and took the opportunity to chat with them about a few other things:

(live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

(live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

One, two, three, four!

Which movie would you love to have written a song for?
JoePoint Break for me; It is the cult classic of my people.
Franny: Ferris Bueller because of the same reasons.

If you could go back in time, who is the artist/band that you wouldn’t miss a concert?
Franny: David Bowie with my dad. That would've been special. They grew up in the same parts of London and he remembers when Bowie was just this new weird kid playing new weird music.
Joe: Ugh, the Family factor would make me want to say Grateful Dead with my dad and brother or Carole King with my mom. Hendrix is it for me: I couldn't miss all that energy, and the guitar playing is still amazing. 

Favorite thing to do in NYC on a day off? 
Joe: Eat. Food culture here is bonkers.
Franny: See a performance of something - comedy, musical, opera, ballet, doesn't matter what.

How would you describe your music in just one word?
Joe: Clever
Franny: Inclusive
Joe: I like hers better.

(encore) Where can we listen to your music online?