A few words with Hotsy Totsy

I've recently photographed indie pop trio Hotsy Totsy on their show in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall, and took the opportunity to chat with them about a few other things:

(live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

(live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

One, two, three, four!

Which movie would you love to have written a song for?
Jenny PilongI kept racking my brain for a “cool” answer to this one, but… alas... I don’t have one. I actually don’t see a lot of movies, but I feel like it would have been cool to have had something on the "Hunger Games" soundtrack. I love writing melancholy, minor chord filled songs, so I think pairing that with a dystopian centric story would have been a match made in heaven. At least for me. Haha. Also, I kind of wish our song, “South Seas”, was around for Adam Sandler’s “50 First Dates”… which may or may not be one of my favorite movies… that I’ve actually seen. ;)

If you could go back in time, who is the artist/band that you would’t miss a concert?
JP: John Lennon… or maybe Billie Holiday.

Favorite thing to do in NYC on a day off? 
JP: Art museums and vegan food! Particularly, Blossom Restaurant in Chelsea. I need to try every single thing on that menu.

How would you describe your music in just one word?
JP: This is a tough one. For me, personally, I think it would be wistful. For Hotsy Totsy as a whole I need two: exuberant harmony. Which I think is sort of fair, since there are three of us. Haha.

(encore) Where can we listen to your music online? 
Links to our Soundcloud, youtube, Spotify, etc. can all be found on our website.