A few words with 45 Riots

I've recently photographed the collective-band 45 Riots on their show in NYC at The Bitter End, and took the opportunity to chat with them about a few other things:

(live at The Bitter End, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

(live at The Bitter End, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

One, two, three, four!

Which movie would you love to have written a song for?
Adam Mason: If I had a real knowledge of orchestral composition and arranging as well as film scoring I would have liked to have written for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was a huge fan of the novels from my early childhood and loved seeing them come to life onscreen when they first came out in installments. I also loved the animated version from the 1970's which was very creative and moody.

If you could go back in time, who is the artist/band that you would’t miss a concert?
AM: I am still mad at my parents for not letting me see Motley Crue in 1989 or 1990 in their prime when my friends all went. I did finally see them recently on their farewell tour, decades later. But truly, I would have loved to have seen John Coltrane with Elvin Jones or Miles Davis with Herbie, Ron, Tony, and Wayne. I think that would have been life-changing. I would love to have experienced James Brown, Prince, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or Stevie Wonder live in concert, too, all when they were in their prime and at their respective apexes.

Favorite thing to do in NYC on a day off? 
AM: My favorite thing to do on a day off is skydive! I am looking forward to hitting my 500th jump this month and many more to come. In the winter I snowboard and I try to generally travel internationally as much as possible. I love the outdoors and adventure-based outdoor activities - white-water rafting, canyoning, rappelling, and rock climbing, hiking, camping, etc.

How would you describe your music in just one word?
AM: Diverse.

(encore) Where can people listen to your music online? 
AM: Our website www.45riots.com is the best platform to stay connected and learn more about our team. We have several creative original music projects about to launch and all will eventually be featured on our website, besides the cover music performance media already showcased.