A few words with Nabiyah Be

I've recently photographed the Brazilian singer song-writer Nabiyah Be on her show in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall, and took the opportunity to chat with her about a few other things:

(live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

(live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC // © Leonardo Mascaro)

One, two, three, four!

Which movie would you love to have written a song for?
Nabiyah Be: Ha! Would be a very tricky question for me in any other scenario but right now I have to say Marvel's Black Panther since it is my very first movie as an actress and it's such a pivotal tool for black representation in the center of the machine that is Hollywood.

If you could go back in time, who is the artist/band that you would’t miss a concert?
NB: Equally hard question...Although I love some of my oldies I have to say Amy Winehouse because she changed my approach to songwriting and introduced me to a whole generation of Jazz music that she drew from. Before her, I was quite ignorant about it and didn't really understand jazz. She also had a killer live band.

Favorite thing to do in NYC on a day off? 
NB: Hang out with friends on my backyard and enjoy live music at the park.

How would you describe your music in just one word?
NB: Fusion.

(encore) Where can we listen to your music online? 
You can find everything available at www.nabiyahbe.com
I'll be making official releases this year! Follow me on social media at: 
- Instagram: instagram.com/nabiyahbe
- Facebook: facebook.com/nabiyahbe
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